30% Off Three Reliability Resources

New Reliability Engineering Book Bundle at 30% Off

Note: This discount ended Dec. 1, 2021. The bundle is now a 15% discount off the price of the individual books.

To close out World Quality Month in October 2021, Quanterion Solutions offered a 30% discount for a bundle of three reliability engineering resources.

Buyers will receive the following hard copy books: Achieving System Reliability Growth Through Robust Design and Test, Mechanical Analysis and Other Specialized Techniques for Enhancing Reliability (MASTER), and Techniques to Evaluate Long-Term Aging of Systems (LAST) for $196.

These resources provide practical guidance for performing mechanical analyses and enhancing product reliability; identifying failure modes and mitigate their root causes to improve system reliability; designing products with an understanding of long-term aging effects on parts, assemblies and equipment; and more.

The discounted bundle applies to hardcopy formats only.

Get 15% off the price of the individual books today.

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