Quanterion offers several training options to government and industry organizations. In addition to the variety of topics that these courses address, the training is also presented in different formats (on-site, online videos, etc.) and has been developed to fit a range of different skill sets/levels of expertise. This combination of options ensures that we can provide the training that best fits your specific needs.

On-site Training

Quanterion offers live instructor-led training at the customer’s facility with the option of the standard course content or a course that has been tailored to address specific topics of importance to your organization. We can also present “Train the Trainers” sessions and develop customized training materials. For more information e-mail us at qinfo@quanterion.com or call 877.808.0097.

The following live instructor-led training courses are available:

Online Course Training

Quanterion offers several online training resources, providing customized access to a large collection of training material. Quanterion’s online training videos are offered as a single seat subscription for unlimited viewing by a single user over a 3-month period and can be viewed on any browser-enabled device. Quanterion’s online training videos will allow you to receive training anywhere at any time; making your life easier.

Quanterion offers the following online training resources:

Off-line Course Training