Pieces of Pi

Welcome to a new reliability engineering tech brief series written by one of our in-house engineers!

“Pieces of Pi” is a new article series that explores the unique aspects of Reliability, Maintainability and Quality of certain forms of design. It is the author’s opinion that reliability and design practices are closely related. The inherent reliability of a product, however it is evaluated, will be governed and limited by the decisions made regarding its design.

Every different way a design is analyzed brings another set of eyes and perspective. As we pore over the design to calculate the stresses on individual parts, we can’t help but to think about how the parts are combined to function in an overall system. Perhaps this reliability for new designs will be quantified by field data collected in the future and reliability prediction models will be updated with new “Pi Factors.”

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About the Author

Quanterion Solutions Senior Engineer Chris Maxwell has been studying equipment failures, Reliability, Maintenance and Quality since his childhood growing up around machinery on a dairy farm.

After high school, that curiosity lead to a two year degree in Engineering Science from Mohawk Valley Community College, a BSEE from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and  an MSEE from The State University of NY at Binghamton’s Watson School of Engineering. After college, he has worked for both military and commercial entities in fields including communication systems, RADAR analysis and new product development for sensor-based detection and analysis products.

Within these fields, he has worked in power supply design, analog design, embedded system design, EMC, product safety and FMEA analysis. Outside of work, he still gains plenty of experience with mechanical failures of old farm equipment.


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