Quanterion Solutions Incorporated - Q LogoQuanterion Solutions Incorporated is a New York-based small business that specializes in high-quality analytical services, products and training across a number of technical disciplines that includes, but it is not limited to, Alternative Energy, CRBNE and WMD Defense, Cybersecurity, Homeland Defense and Critical Infrastructure Protection, Knowledge Management, Materials Science, Reliability, Maintainability & Quality (RMQ), and Software Design and Development. Founded by principles that previously supported DoD Information Analysis Centers (IACs), the company’s growth can be attributed to the development of internal expertise in specific technical fields, which has been used to develop products and tools for the members of these user communities. Learn more about Quanterion’s History.

In addition to products, tools and training, Quanterion also provides high-quality analytical services across this wide range of technical disciplines for both government and commercial customers. Some of these efforts are tasked through Quanterion’s IAC contract vehicles, while others are performed under SBIRs or BAAs. Though headquartered in Utica, NY, we have offices and personnel at locations throughout the country to suit the needs of particular communities. We also have the flexibility to provide consulting services through a contract/purchase order that best fits the customer’s needs. Doing Business with Quanterion.

Our staff is comprised of a collection of subject matter experts (SMEs) from various technical backgrounds. The diversity of their expertise allows us to address a wide range of technologies while also facilitating the development of innovative and cross-domain solutions to complex technical challenges. This domain expertise and relevant historical experience are critical elements of our consulting services and are incorporated into the training courses and publications that Quanterion has developed. Learn more about Quanterion’s Leadership Team.

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