What is Reliability Data Collection and Analysis?

Data collection and analysis facilitates an understanding of field operational use profiles and environmental stress data and is critical for ensuring design/process robustness. Collection and analysis of failure data to root failure cause identification and mitigation is critical to ensure product/process reliability growth and success over its life cycle.

What’s the Payoff?

Trends from data analyses identify areas of a design or process that are candidates for improvement, point to part/process problems, and can help with maintenance planning. Resulting corrective actions provide a means to better satisfy customers and to reduce warranty and life cycle costs.

How Can Quanterion Solutions Help?

  • Perform an independent review of your current data collection/analysis program
  • Collect and analyze operational use profile and environmental stress data
  • Provide objective analysis of your product/process data, recommend corrective actions and verify their effectiveness
  • Help you develop an effective data program that can be used as an optimized decision tool
  • Develop customized database solutions to solve unique data collection and analysis requirements
  • Automate your data activities, from facilitating remote web-based data input to automated analysis routines and graphical management output for decision-making
  • Analyze data for you that you already collected
  • And more

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