Quality Management

What is Quality Management?

Quality management is a broad term used to describe those activities that are beneficial in building quality products. Other associated terms historically associated with this concept are Total Quality Management (TQM), Statistical Process Control (SPC), etc. The philosophies of Deming, Juran, Taguchi and others are part of this class of activities, as are approaches such as “Six Sigma,” “Lean Six Sigma” and ISO 9000.

What’s the payoff?

High quality products and services are critical to long-term business success, resulting in decreased costs, enhanced customer satisfaction and increased profits.

How can Quanterion Solutions help?

  • Perform analyses for your organization that help reduce the causes (and cost) of product and process variability
  • Train your staff in the principles of quality management, the causes of quality problems and their remedies
  • Assist your staff in implementing analytical tools and methods to ensure product/process quality
  • Provide an independent objective review and assessment to help your organization solve specific quality-related problems
  • Assess or develop tools and databases to help you track your quality results
  • Define and help you implement quality programs with respect to parts/materials and other suppliers

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