What is Fault Tree Analysis?

Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) is a “top down” assessment of how a product or system failure (or other “undesired event”) can occur based on the behavior of lower-level functions, assemblies, parts, software, and human behavior.  The undesired event is evaluated through a set of intermediary fault states that, if present, would result in that failure.  Fault states can be caused by a single event, multiple events or even precursor fault states that can, themselves, be further expanded. The analysis continues until all potential causes of the particular top level failure event have been identified.

What’s the payoff?

The analysis helps to determine all potential causes of undesirable top-level events and can quantify the probability of event occurrences. The analysis clearly and logically identifies fault relationships and design/process weaknesses and highlights areas of the design that may benefit from the addition of redundancy.  It provides an efficient approach to focus on a selected subset of critical faults from all possible sources that can cause catastrophic failures.

How can Quanterion Solutions help?

  • Perform a simple or comprehensive FTA on your product or system
  • Determine and tailor the most effective reliability analysis activities for your product line
  • Train your staff in FTA methods and other reliability analysis techniques
  • Provide assistance to your staff in developing fault trees, system models and probability data
  • Provide guidance on appropriate failure characteristics used in support of FTAs
  • Objectively review FTAs performed by third parties and correct any deficiencies

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