Quanterion Solutions Incorporated has recently publicized a new prototype for simplifying the retrieval and extraction of data from file formats.

BFAS – Binary File Application Scanner – is a Quanterion-developed prototype that detects and extracts Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from more than a thousand binary file formats. This scanner performs this task by leveraging the widely-used open source Apache Tika toolkit. BFAS uses MongoDB (a popular app database) for backend storage.  A REST-based (REpresentational State Transfer) Web Application Programming Interface within BFAS allows easy search and integration with third-party applications.

BFAS was a successful prototype to perform PII keyword/pattern discovery on Terabytes of data at rest in most all file types. However, this capability has a very versatile, flexible architecture which would allow mass search for just about any application to include developing a preventative tool that would notify the user of potential sensitive information prior to sending into uncontrolled spaces such as email or archiving to cloud storage. Contact us if this tool would be helpful to your operations.

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