About Pieces of Pi

Pieces of Pi explores the unique aspects of Reliability, Maintainability and Quality of certain forms of design. It is the author’s opinion that reliability and design practices are closely related. The inherent reliability of a product, however it is evaluated, will be governed and limited by the decisions made regarding its design.

Pieces of Pi Installment Three

Getting High Level Analyses with Low Level NRE Investment

The main audience for the next few “Pieces of Pi” installments is small companies that want to get at least a first iteration estimate of the reliability of a design without spending “big company money” on tools and/or consultants.

A secondary audience is people who want to look at a bite-size effort in reliability engineering to understand what’s going on under the hood of modern reliability engineering software tools to quantify reliability.

The latter part of this installment will also serve as a guide to the use of field data compilations published by Quanterion Solutions. This type of field data can provide a foothold into the world of reliability quantification without requiring software tools and high order mathematical models.

This page concerns the third installment of Pieces of Pi. Read previous installments in the Pieces of Pi series.

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