Identity Management Day

Identity Management Day aims to educate business leaders, IT decision makers, and the public about the importance of managing and securing digital identities.

Identity Management Day raises awareness about the dangers of casually or improperly managing and securing digital identities by sharing best practices, and inspiring individuals and organizations to act. This annual awareness activity is founded by the Identity Defined Security Alliance and supported by the National Cybersecurity Alliance.

Cybersecurity incidents involving compromised credentials continue to be the most common cause of a data breach for enterprises, and account takeover for individuals. Securing digital identities remains one of the most urgent tasks facing the digital ecosystem.

Quanterion Solutions is a Identity Management Day Champion

To support these initiatives, Quanterion Solutions is a registered Identity Management Day Champion and will be providing resources and tips for protecting digital identities.

“Small businesses often struggle to develop and implement a plan for securing their identities due to a lack of time and resources,” said John Reade, Information Systems Director at Quanterion Solutions. “A strategy for securing digital identities may involve identification of the need; planning, developing, testing and implementing the response; and finally, monitoring and maintaining the procedures and any software used. Those steps can become overwhelming for small businesses with staff shortages, small budgets or limited time. However, securing identities can be tackled one project at a time.”

Quanterion Solutions will be helping small organizations fill in the gaps with identity management education and resources.

“Setting up multi-factor authentication, using password managers, creating processes for identity data management, and scheduling automatic updates are all a great place to start,” Reade said.

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2023 Identity Management Awards

These awards are now closed for application. Start planning now to apply for next year.

Identity Management Day also exists to recognize organizations and leaders who are making identity security an important component of their daily mission. The 2023 Identity Management Awards recognize leaders and organizations who not only embody the importance of identity management and security but also evangelize it as a priority and share best practices. There are four categories for the 2023 Identity Management Awards:

  • Identity Management Project of the Year – Enterprise: For end user organizations that have implemented an identity management and security project that exemplifies the use of identity management best practices while providing overall value to the business.
  • Identity Management Project of the Year – SMB: For end user organizations with less than 1,000 employees, that have implemented an identity management and security project that exemplifies the use of identity management best practices while providing overall value to the business.
  • Best Identity-Based Zero Trust Initiative: For end user organizations that have implemented a Zero Trust initiative based on strong identity management principles.
  • Identity Management Leader of the Year: For individuals from end user organizations who evangelize and progress identity management and security initiatives in their organization, help to protect their company against identity-related breaches, and work to educate the broader industry on the subject.

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