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Fight the Phish: Cyber Awareness Month Week Two

Fight the Phish: Cybersecurity Awareness Month Week of Oct. 11 (Week Two)
Phishing attacks and scams have thrived since the COVID pandemic began in 2020 and today, phishing attacks account for more than 80 percent of reported security incidents.  Week Two of Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021 will stress the importance of being wary of emails, text messages…  Read More

October 11th, 2021|

Protect Your Business from Phishing Attacks

Phishing is the most common cybercrime of 2020, according to the FBI, placing organizations and individuals alike under an increased threat of stolen or compromised data, assets, identities and systems.

This social engineering attack that attempts to trick users into releasing personal data accounted for 241,342 phishing complaints last year. This alarming number only includes the…  Read More

Quanterion Solutions Hosts Webinar to Address Gap in Cybersecurity Workforce

Quanterion Solutions, a National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion, is addressing the cybersecurity workforce gap with a webinar titled “Your Pathway to a Successful Cybersecurity Career: Insights from Cybersecurity Experts.”
This webinar will be hosted Tuesday, Oct. 19 at 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. EDT and will provide attendees an opportunity to ask cybersecurity career questions from…  Read More

Ryan Kalember

Ryan Kalember, EVP, Cybersecurity Strategy at Proofpoint, Inc
With more than 15 years of experience in the information security industry, Mr. Kalember currently leads cybersecurity strategy for Proofpoint and is a sought-after expert for leadership and commentary on breaches and best practices. His global team of security experts and marketers ensures that Proofpoint’s customers have consistent insight…  Read More

October 5th, 2021|

Jon Check

Executive Director of Cyber Protection Solutions at Raytheon Technologies
Jon Check is senior director of Cyber Protection Solutions (CPS) for Raytheon Intelligence & Space. Raytheon Intelligence & Space Company, with 2017 sales of $25 billion and 64,000 employees, is a technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, civil government and cybersecurity solutions. With a history of…  Read More

October 5th, 2021|

Tony Anscombe

Chief Security Evangelist at ESET
Tony Anscombe is the Chief Security Evangelist for ESET. With over 20 years of security industry experience, Anscombe is an established author, blogger and speaker on the current threat landscape, security technologies and products, data protection, privacy and trust, and Internet safety. His speaking portfolio includes industry conferences RSA, Black Hat, VB, CTIA,…  Read More

October 5th, 2021|

Cybersecurity Career Awareness Webinar

Join Quanterion Solutions on Tuesday, Oct. 19 at 1100-1200 EDT for this free webinar titled, “Your Pathway to a Successful Cybersecurity Career: Insights from Cybersecurity Experts.”
Interested in entering the growing cybersecurity workforce? Prepare for success with three leading cybersecurity experts who will outline their best tips and insights including how learning more about cybersecurity can…  Read More

Be Cyber Smart: Cyber Awareness Month Week One

Be Cyber Smart:
Cybersecurity Awareness Month Week of Oct. 4 (Week One)
As our lives have become increasingly dependent on technology, virtually all personal and business data is kept on internet-connected platforms, which can become a gold mine for bad actors. The first full week of Cybersecurity Awareness Month will highlight best security practices and focus on…  Read More

Your Digital Footprint: What It Is and How You Can Limit It

What is a digital footprint?
A digital footprint is the trail of data left behind by a person when they carry out any type of activity online such as posting to social media, shopping for gifts, commenting on videos, or sending an email. The information left behind can have real-world consequences. When you are online…  Read More

October 1st, 2021|

Quanterion’s Commercial Cybersecurity Solutions

Are You at Risk?
Big or small, every company, organization and individual has become a target. Regardless of whether you must comply with a national or industry-specific security standard, protecting your information systems and organizational data is critical to your business’ reputation and prosperity. The consequences of a cyber incident can involve a considerable financial loss,…  Read More