Cybersecurity Awareness Month Week 1 (Oct. 5–9): If You Connect It, Protect It

If you connect it, protect it. The line between our online and offline lives is indistinguishable. This network of connections creates both opportunities and challenges for individuals and organizations across the globe. The first week of Cybersecurity Awareness Month will highlight the ways in which internet-connected devices have impacted our lives and will empower all users to own their role in security by taking steps to reduce their risks.

It sounds so simple, but taking an active and conscious role in protecting your internet-connected devices is greatly important to staying cyber secure. Installing updates as soon as they become available, employing multi-factor authentication, deleting suspicious emails and attachments—following these simple every-day steps can vastly improve cybersecurity.

This is especially true now that nearly everything we do, at nearly every stage of life, is online. This vast network of connections creates many opportunities but also brings more risk. With so much information in cyberspace and with so many points of access, it’s crucial to take steps to secure all connected devices. These steps don’t require tech expertise; just an awareness of good practices in maintaining online safety.

The first week of Cybersecurity Awareness Month highlights the ways in which internet-connected devices have impacted our lives and will empower all users to own their role in security by taking steps to reduce their risks.

Check out related cybersecurity resources below created by Quanterion Solutions Incorporated, the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), and the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

7 Basic Cybersecurity Terms You Should Know:

The Cybersecurity Awareness Month of 2020 marks a new era in information technology. It’s an era in which your role in protecting your data and privacy is vastly different than it was before the COVID-19 pandemic. Quanterion Solutions fully supports more involvement by you – the everyday Internet user – and has outlined seven basic terms to help you protect your personal online security.

Cybersecure Your Smart Home Tip Sheet:

Internet-connected devices are helping homeowners increase efficiency, reduce costs, conserve energy and a whole host of other benefits. However, with all of these benefits come risks to privacy and security. NCSA recommends consumers connect with caution, and take these steps to secure these devices.

Small Business Cybersecurity Case Studies:

NCSA has created a series of 5 small business cybersecurity case studies that can be used as educational resources for the small business community to highlight the real threats and impacts of cyber crime.

Internet-Connected Devices Resources:

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has many resources to help you secure your internet-connected devices, including:

Multi-Factor Authentication

Creating Passwords

Protecting Your Digital Home

CISA’s Cyber Essentials Toolkit:

Chapter 4 of CISA’s Cyber Essentials Toolkit is out now! Each chapter focuses on recommended actions for IT and C-suite leadership to build cyber readiness into the six interrelated aspects of an organizational culture of cyber readiness.


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