Reliability Engineering Lifetime Extension Assessment


Lifetime Extension Assessment

What is Lifetime Extension Assessment?

Military and industrial products and systems may be required to operate or function significantly longer than what they were originally designed for (years, miles, cycles, etc.). Lifetime Extension Assessment addresses the potential risks and possible solutions associated with extending the lives of products, systems and processes.

What’s the payoff?

Informed decisions to extend the original useful life of a design or process must address important material, part and process limitations and the potential solutions that are available to minimize technical and financial risk. The primary payoff is in the significant cost avoidance associated with the success of a Lifetime Extension Assessment study when compared to the cost of designing and developing an entirely new product, system or process.

How can Quanterion Solutions help?

  • Assess the risks associated with extending the life (storage and/or operation) of your product, system or process
  • Identify design/process changes and periodic testing/inspections that are appropriate to minimizing the risks associated with an extension decision
  • Address technology obsolescence issues and the availability of maintenance capability associated with the extension
  • Improve maintenance procedures and tools, and provide training, to compensate for the loss of experienced personnel
  • Address cost implications associated with life extension alternatives

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