Schoolery: The All-in-One Campus Navigation App

Schoolery is a navigation solution for college students, faculty and staff, enabling them to easily discover all that your campus has to offer. This app is fully customizable to each college’s unique needs and interests. Help students navigate the campus, complete their orientation while additionally providing notifications for registration deadlines, billing reminders, campus events, meal plan options, graduation checklists, and a wide variety of additional features.

The need for a centralized campus navigation app

College campuses range from a few buildings within dense urban centers to hundreds of acres with as many buildings. Regardless of the campus size, experiencing the university environment for the first time can be intimidating and even overwhelming for students, faculty, and staff members. There is little time to become familiar with the surroundings as students and staff arrive with an extensive list of items to accomplish before work or classes begin. Prospective students visiting a college for the first time are too busy trying to navigate sprawling campuses to thoroughly enjoy the campus experience.

Enter Schoolery, a brand-new navigational app to guide students, staff and faculty throughout their entire college experience.

A multipurpose app for colleges

Navigating new students, their families, and staff through orientation and other essential onboarding tasks is a challenge. Typically, students, faculty and staff are required to come to campus several times as part of matriculation where they are divided into various categories and directed through a series of information sessions that cover the essential points of enrollment, such as housing, financial aid, parking, healthcare, academic standards, etc. These sessions are cover an enormous amount of very important material, which can be difficult for their audience to absorb due the short nature of the sessions and the one-time delivery model.

Schoolery can be leveraged to significantly simplify these onboarding activities, promote awareness for campus services and facilities, deliver essential orientation information, and improve the overall experience. The app allows colleges to communicate a sense of community and a level of comfort within the unfamiliar environment, which can begin before students, faculty or staff arrive at the new location.

The Schoolery app’s thoughtful process automation offers not only campus information, but equips students and staff with direction and steps for following the college’s processes instead of ad hoc discovery learning that too often results in confused students and missed deadlines.

A one-stop shop for students to navigate campus, plan semesters, and check off tasks

Schoolery application developers customize the app to each school’s unique processes and campus to ensure students, faculty and staff get the information they need, confirm various onboarding steps are completed on time, and eliminate the chaos often associated with onboarding and orientation.

An updated connection to parents

Schoolery also accommodates the parents’ perspectives. Parents with access to Schoolery have account privileges to pay bills such as tuition, parking, and meal plan options, and can additionally communicate directly with these offices to resolve questions with their child’s enrollment.

Schoolery can be integrated with existing enterprise resource planning solutions using Application Program Interfaces to increase functionality and interoperability. It has been developed using the most current web and mobile application technologies. This with Quanterion Solutions’ expert attention to process definition and analysis simplifies, improves, and speeds the matriculation process.

A cyber-secure solution

Schoolery was developed with security as a priority. The app is built on Progressive Web App (PWA) technologies, which greatly reduces the threat landscape of the app while providing a highly responsive and reliable interface.

Schoolery was developed by Quanterion Solutions as a follow-on to a mobile application for the U.S. military to onboard personnel to bases, posts, and stations. Quanterion Solutions is pleased to bring the cutting-edge technology to academia.

How can I get started?

Contact Quanterion Solutions to learn more about the app and discover how you can customize the technology for your college.

Project Manager
Mr. C. Neil Fitzpatrick
Program Manager
Mr. Alex MacDiarmid


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