Converge: A Military Check-In Solution

Converge is a progressive web app that streamlines the onboarding process for new personnel or visitors to military bases. Users can click through a simple check-in process on the app and follow the on-screen instructions and navigations to expedite this process.

The need for a faster military base check-in

The traditional military check-in and check-out process consists of physically handing a service member a piece of paper containing the names of dozens of offices in and around the base which they are to visit. They are generally provided with a time limit to complete the process with the expectation that they will return at a specified time with all their blocks checked and signed.

Some level of information transfer takes place at each location, in which the service member provides/receives information after the office’s representative signs their check-in sheet.

This time-consuming process has been used for decades, and continues to be the principal method for onboarding service members to the base and into their assigned units. Recognizing the inefficiencies of this approach, Quanterion Solutions developed a prototype application that was later funded by a tactical unit for customization and operational use.

The new check-in capability can be made available to all service members since the vast majority already own and are familiar with using mobile devices.

Converge was intended to enhance, not replace the legacy paper-based system.

How Converge works

Once users install the app, Converge requires the proper unit-specific unlock code, which opens the app and allows the service member to begin the process. Converge then follows this process to check a service member into a military base:

  • Creates a rank-specific checklist of sites that must be visited,
  • Guides the user to those locations aboard the base/installation using the internal GPS,
  • Provides a picture of the actual building they are to check-into or out of, the office name and phone number, and
  • Employs an office-unique QR code that documents when the step was completed.

Emerging app developments and features

Converge has evolved from its original standalone version, which was designed to facilitate and improve the individual check-in experience. However, service members checking into a military base are not the only essential participants in this process. Unit/office personnel are responsible for meeting with service members to ensure they have the necessary information, as well as unit leaders who are tasked with getting military personnel through the process and to work as efficiently as possible.

Further development has transformed Converge into a newly released web-based 2.0 model that incorporates all participants in the onboarding process (service member, immediate supervisor, and the unit commander).  Converge 2.0 is now a cloud-based progressive web application that provides true cross-platform functionality and allows visibility into the process for all who are interested in helping the service member through the process.  Converge gets personnel to their jobs efficiently and in accordance with the exact military unit’s requirements.

How can I get started?

Contact Quanterion Solutions to learn more about Converge and discover how the technology can be applied to assist your unit.

Project Manager
Mr. C. Neil Fitzpatrick
Program Manager
Mr. Alex MacDiarmid


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