Quanterion attended MILCOM 2015 in Tampa Florida, the premier international conference for military communications, and chaired the conference’s Secure UAS Communications Technical Panel. Dr. Paul Losiewicz, Quanterion’s Senior Scientific Advisor, organized and moderated the panel discussion which addressed communications security as it relates to the command and control (C2) of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). The keynote brief was given by Mr. Steven Van Trees, FAA Certification Service, entitled “End-to-End Cryptographic Link Security Overview for UAS Operations in the NAS”. The brief included an in depth discussion of SC-228 Challenges and Solutions to Crypto Integration on UAVs operating in the National Airspace.

Dr. Losiewicz, along with the fellow panelists from Industry and Academia discussed different research topics to develop technologies that would allow systems to operate in counter UAS environments, as well as additional developments that would reduce the required bandwidth and provide enhanced encryption for information security.