217Plus-2015 Rev 1This update to the popular 217Plus™ ‘Handbook of Reliability Prediction Models’ replaces the 2006 edition developed for the Reliability Information Analysis Center (RIAC). Available exclusively through Quanterion, 217Plus™:2015 contains new failure rate models covering photonics components and provides updates to the twelve original 217Plus™ component failure rate models based on new data. In addition to the 217Plus™:2015 Handbook, the 217Plus™:2015 Component Model Spreadsheet Calculator has also been released.

The 217Plus™ system reliability assessment methodology was developed as the latest approach being used by government and industry. Initiated under the DoD’s Reliability Analysis Center (RAC) and Reliability Information Analysis Center (RIAC) contracts, the original 217Plus models have all been updated to the current 217Plus™:2015 version. The 217Plus™:2015 methodology is a more accurate replacement for MIL-HDBK-217 “Reliability Prediction of Electronic Equipment”.

The failure rate models of 217Plus™ represent more than just updated MIL-HDBK-217 models. They are restructured using enhanced approaches to better represent environmental stresses (including both operating and dormant), quality (based on an organization’s processes), and power/temperature cycling effects on reliability. The methodology also allows users to combine their own experience data with a 217Plus™:2015 prediction in a Bayesian-type approach.