Reliability Ques

Quanterion publishes an electronic version of “Reliability Ques” periodically as a means of keeping its customers and other interested parties up-to-date on effective tools, techniques, and approaches to improving the reliability, maintainability, and quality of products and systems.

How Complete is Your Reliability Tool Set?

April 26th, 2002

Whether you’re developing consumer electronics in a competitive market or ground-based radars for the Government, there are lots of tools to have in your arsenal to help make your designs reliable and maintainable. Using a broad definition of tools, your arsenal should include design rules and procedures, analysis methodologies, test approaches and strategies, and field…  Read More

Is Asset Management For You?

December 26th, 2001

What is Asset Management?
Asset Management is being called by many the “final frontier” of achieving major gains in operating effectiveness, corporate profitability and shareholder value. It has been reported that North American industry could recover $200M to $500M annually through improved physical Asset Management. To demonstrate the critical nature of managing assets the Department of…  Read More

Making Sense Out of the Reliability Prediction Business

August 1st, 2001

Reliability Predictions are commonly used in the development of products and systems to compare alternative design approaches and to assess progress toward reliability design goals. They’re often criticized as not being accurate forecasts of field reliability performance because they don’t usually account for all the factors that cause field failures. Nevertheless, predictions are a valuable…  Read More