Quanterion has been awarded a US Navy Phase I Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) project to develop its Automated Software Solution for Extraction and Transformation System Simplification (ASSETS2) concept.

The ASSETS2 concept will provide a means to construct and populate a user-definable database that can be tailored to extract data/information from a number of sources, automatically detect/repair anomalies, and transform it to conduct a wide variety of analysis tasks.

For Phase I, data/information such as part failures; flight hours; number of aircraft landings; maintenance hours per repair; maintenance procedure content and related information; part costs; part nomenclature; historical information on “mishaps” and other critical failures; and other to-be-identified data elements will form the heart of a user-defined system to streamline input dataset preparation by AIR-4.10 for a Naval Aviation Maintenance & Supply Model (NAMSM) analysis.

Quanterion is teamed with Assured Information Security (AIS) in Rome NY for this SBIR. AIS was founded in 2001 as a software company focused on research of critical Air Force and DoD cyber technology requirements.