Quanterion Solutions recently released a guidebook titled “Electronic Derating for Optimum Component Reliability: Second Edition.” Now, the reliability engineering company has launched a corresponding calculator that allows the user to easily determine if a design is in compliance with the derating guidelines presented in the book.

Order both the “Electronic Derating for Optimum Component Reliability: Calculator and Guide” or just the derating calculator.

What is Electronic Derating?

Electronic parts derating is limiting thermal, electrical and/or mechanical stresses on components to levels below the manufacturer’s ratings to improve system reliability when applied to all components in a system. Every electronic component experiences physical limits, such as failing or becoming damaged at a certain voltage. However, derating guidelines included in this guidebook recommend appropriate levels of stress that the included electronic components can withstand and still operate at maximum capacity.

What Are the Benefits?

The calculator and the guidebook are designed to maximize the reliable application of the components in electronic equipment. Together, the products are beneficial to engineers in a variety of fields who are interested to improve the reliability of their systems.

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