Need Technical Help? Try an IAC

The IACs have been consolidated since this page was published. None of these IACs are currently in operation.

Last month we introduced you to the Department of Defense (DoD) Reliability Information Analysis Center (RIAC), formerly known as the Reliability Analysis Center (RAC), as a valuable resource for expertise and data/information in reliability, maintainability, quality, supportability, and interoperability. Now we want to tell you more about the technologies covered by all twenty-one Centers of Excellence called the Information Analysis Centers (IACs). Keep in mind that although the Centers are chartered by the DoD, they can help with technical problems in the commercial/industrial world as well. The thirteen DoD sponsored Centers administered by the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) include:

DoD Information Analysis Centers (IACs)

IAC Logo IAC Name IAC Subject Area
AMPTIAC Logo Advanced Materials and Processes Technology IAC
(to be combined with MTIAC and NTIAC to form the Advanced Materials, Manufacturing, and Testing IAC)
Advanced materials and processes (metals and metal matrix composites, ceramic and ceramics matrix composites, organic structural and organic matrix materials, electronic/optical/photonics materials, environmental and special function materials).
CBIAC Logo Chemical and Biological Information Analysis Center (CBIAC) Serves as the focal point for DoD Chemical and Biological Defense (CBD).
CPIA Logo Chemical Propulsion Information Agency National clearinghouse and technical resource center for data for system and component level technologies for chemical, electrical, and nuclear propulsion for rockets, missiles, and space and gun propulsion systems.
DACS Logo Data and Analysis Center for Software (DACS) Serves as an authoritative source for state-of-the-art software information providing technical support for the software community. Focuses on Software Technology and Software Engineering, in its broadest sense. Supports the development, testing, validation, and transitioning of Software Engineering technology.
HSIAC Logo Human Systems Information Analysis Center Deals with the interface between the human component of a system and its hardware and software using a total system approach including not just the prime mission equipment, but also the people who operate, maintain, and support the system; the training and training devices; the software that defines the human-technology interface; and the operational and support infrastructure.
IATAC Logo Information Assurance Technology Analysis Center Provide the DoD a central point of access for information on Information Assurance emerging technologies in system vulnerabilities, research and development, models, and analysis to support the development and implementation of effective defense against Information Warfare attacks.
MSIAC Logo Modeling and Simulation Information Analysis Center Integrated support activity for the use, employment, and sustainment of modeling and simulation.
MTIAC Logo Manufacturing Technology Information Analysis Center (MTIAC)
(to be combined with AMPTIAC and NTIAC to form the Advanced Materials, Manufacturing, and Testing IAC)
Clearinghouse for manufacturing technology related subject including the DoD ManTech program.
NTIAC Logo Nondestructive Testing IAC
(to be combined with AMPTIAC and MTIAC to form the Advanced Materials, Manufacturing, and Testing IAC)
Clearinghouse on nondestructive testing/inspection approaches used to evaluate components and systems.
RIAC Logo Reliability Information Analysis Center (RIAC) (formerly Reliability Analysis Center (RAC) Centralized organization for expertise, data, and information dealing with reliability, maintainability, quality, supportability, and interoperability.
SENSIAC Logo Sensors Information Analysis Center (SENSIAC) (formerly Infrared Information Agency (IRIA)) Clearinghouse for technical information related to: Passive Optical, Electro-optical, UV, and Infrared sensors and seekers and their supporting technologies; Laser based systems for sensing and energy projection; air acoustic, seismic, magnetic, electric field and gravitational sensors and related technologies; optical and infrared materials and detectors; EO/IR and RF countermeasures; sensor and data fusion; and related technologies.
SURVIAC Logo Survivability/Vulnerability IAC Clearinghouse all aspects of survivability and lethality for aircraft, ground vehicles, ships and spacecraft, to conventional homeland security threats including chemical, biological, directed energy, and non–lethal weapons.
WSTIAC Logo Weapon Systems Technology IAC Central clearinghouse on weapon delivery systems, command and control: GPS, intelligence, targeting.


The DoD sponsored Centers aren’t all the IACs there are. There are other IACs that are sponsored by the military services or other government agencies that can also provide help. They include:

IACs Sponsored by the Military Services and Other Government Organizations

IAC Acronym IAC Name/Subject Area
APMIAC Airfields, Pavements, and Mobility IAC
CEIAC Coastal Engineering Defense IAC
CRSTIAC Cold Regions Science and Technology IAC
CTIAC Concrete Technology IAC
DTRIAC Defense Threat Reduction IAC
EIAC Environmental IAC
HEIAC Hydraulic Engineering IAC
MSIAC Modeling and Simulation IAC
SAVIAC Shock and Vibration IAC
SMIAC Soil Mechanics IAC


The entire IAC program can be accessed through one convenient starting point at the site maintained by the IAC Program Office at DTIC.

The IACs are available for answers to technical inquiries, for training and guidance publications, for technical tools and data, and for consulting services. Give them a try.