Threat-Based Cybersecurity Solutions

Threat-Based Cybersecurity Solutions

The Threat

While many practitioners focus on cybersecurity compliance frameworks, as is required to work within various industries, practitioners can sometimes overlook the underlying objectives and tactics employed by malicious actors. A “Federal Cybersecurity and Risk Determination Report and Action Plan” report found that organizations continue to invest in single point cybersecurity solutions without addressing the gaps that threat actors are actually exploiting. Threat-based cybersecurity strategies, on the other hand, specifically observe the behavior of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) to understand why and how specific exploits are achieved in the real world.

Identifying and Analyzing the Attack Surface

Leveraging a threat framework (e.g., MITRE’s Adversarial Tactics, Techniques & Common knowledge [ATT&CK]), organizations can complement existing cyber strategies by first framing their applicable attack surface, and then evaluating how well the currently implemented protections deter applicable threat techniques. Combined with defensive knowledge graphs like MITRE D3FEND, organizations can more easily identify malicious tactics against which they have little to no defense, and subsequently identify validated defensive countermeasures to address those gaps. Such methodologies are highly effective for informing cyber investment and ensuring that those implemented capabilities are providing adequate protections for your organization.

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