QuART ER (Enhancing Reliability)

QuART ER (Enhancing Reliability)


What is QuART ER?
The Quanterion Automated Reliability Toolkit for Enhancing Reliability (QuART ER) is a multipurpose reliability engineering tool that includes tools for design and analysis, testing, production, field work, and other stages in the engineering process from the initial concept of a product or system to its long-term maintenance.

Discover the Benefits of QuART ER
Whether you are looking to perform an FMEA to meet a requirement, build reliability into your new designs, or minimize reliability risks and failures in processes, QuART ER has a tool to help you reach your targets. Tools within QuART ER include General Knowledge Tools, Conceptual Phase Tools, Design/Analysis Tools, Testing Tools, Production Tools, Field Tools, and more.


Product Description

The Quanterion Automated Reliability Toolkit for Enhanced Reliability is a set of reliability/quality tools to aid engineers and others in developing and manufacturing reliable products and systems. The set of tools is structured to provide reliability and quality benefits across the entire product life cycle.

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General Knowledge Tools

Reliability Advisor, Reliability Program Cost, Reliability Improvement Cost, Warranty Cost, Statistical Distributions, Checklists, R&M Definitions, Acronyms

Conceptual Phase Tools

Reliability Allocation, Reliability Approach Assessment, Reliability Potential Calculator, Reliability Tailoring

Design/Analysis Tools

Failure Modes (Mechanical Failure Modes), FMECA Worksheets per Mil_STD-1629A, Material Durability Improvement, Reliability Prediction with custom weighting factors, Reliability Prediction with user defined parts, Software Reliability Prediction, Redundancy Calculator With import from Reliability Prediction, Interference Stress Strength Analysis, Availability Calculator, Derating Guidelines, Thermal Design Guide, Failure Modes (Electronic Failure Modes), Reliability Prediction (217 Pseudo-Stress & Dormant), Parts Count Reliability Prediction (MIL-HDBK-217F,Notice 2), Parts Count Reliability Prediction Import/Export Data to/from Microsoft Excel, Redundancy Calculator (Reliability Calculations), Redundancy Calculator (Effective Failure Rate Calculations), Reliability Adjustment Factors (Temperature, Part Quality, Use Environment)

Testing Tools

Benefit of Reliability Cost Estimator, Reliability Growth Test Calculations (AMSAA-Crow per Mil-HDBK-189A), Reliability Growth Test Calculations (Crow-Extended Model per Mil-KDBK-189A), Reliability Demonstration Test Calculations (Fixed and Sequential) – Unequal Risk, Accelerated Reliability Test Calculations (Multiple Models), WeiBayes Substaintiation Testing, Reliability Growth Test Calculations (Duane Model), Reliability Demonstration Test Calculations (Fixed and Sequential) – Equal Risk, Accelerated reliability Test Calculations (Single Model), Reliability Test Cost Calculator, Confidence Interval Calculator (Exponential) (Time and Failure Truncated), Confidence Interval Calculator (Binomial)

Production Tools

Design of Experiments (3 Factor – 2 Levels) Full Factorial, Design Calculations, Design of Experiments (4 Factor – 2 Levels) Fractrional, Factorial Design Calculations, Sampling Plans per Mil-STD-105, Process Capability Calculator, Design of Experiments (2 Factor – 2 Levels) ANOVA, Calculations, HASS Calculator, HASA Calculator

Field Tools

Weibull Analysis with split data analysis and dual plots, Optimal Part Replacement Interval, Spares Calculator with spares on hand and cost estimator, Weibull Analysis, Weibull Analysis Import/Export Data to/from Microsoft Excel, Spares Calculator


This newest version of QuART features more than two dozen new or improved tools over QuART PRO. QuART ER updates more than 10 tools and adds more than 15 new tools to the tool set available in QuART PRO, including the “Ask a Quanterion Expert” function that allows users to direct their reliability questions to an ASQ-certified reliability expert at Quanterion.


  • Report Generation and Printing
  • Ability to Save Data
  • Import/Export Data
  • Tool Search
  • Ask a Quanterion Expert

The Story of QuART ER

The QuART software series represents the fourth generation of the highly popular “Reliability Toolkit” series of RMQ engineering aids originated in 1988 by Quanterion personnel while working at the Rome Laboratory (formerly Rome Air Development Center). The QuART products are intended to be desktop sets of tools for practicing RMQ professionals, as well as others with an interest in the value of RMQ in products and systems.

Installation and Technology Requirements

This is a downloadable software.

Due to Windows security restrictions, administrative privileges may be required to install QuART PRO and QuART ER. See your system administrator for assistance.

NOTE: These are downloadable software. The tools operate in Microsoft Windows Operating Systems only.

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