Quanterion recently completed the development of 217Plus™:2015, “Handbook of Reliability Prediction Models”, the successor to the popular 217Plus™ handbook that was also developed by Quanterion under the former Reliability Information Analysis Center. The new handbook now includes photonics as well as a number of new and updated prediction models.

Quanterion has also developed the accompanying 217Plus™:2015 spreadsheet calculator that features several capability enhancements in addition to the new/updated models from the 217Plus™:2015 Handbook. The following links provide more information on the 217Plus™:2015 Handbook, spreadsheet calculator, and training.

Quanterion’s long history with electronics prediction models and tools dates back to the development of PRISM, the System Reliability Assessment methodology and automated reliability prediction tool, developed in the 1990s by Qaunterion employees while working at the former Reliability Analysis Center (RAC) (later changed to RIAC). After 2000, PRISM remained in use but was not updated to include any new models. In 2005, when the RIAC was recompeted and awarded to a team that included Quanterion, these models were revisited and 217Plus, an update to PRISM, was released shortly thereafter. 217Plus, which doubled the number of models in PRISM and includes the complete prediction methodology for all of the major component categories in MIL-HDBK-217, was the only DoD-authorized and supported effort to expand the capabilities of PRISM.