Software Failure Modes Effects Analysis

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Course Description

The course covers the steps for performing a software FMEA as well as dozens of software reliability failure modes and root causes related to the requirements, interface design, detailed design and code, vulnerabilities, corrective actions, serviceability, usability and processes. The course is ideal for any engineer who has been tasked with performing a system wide FMEA.

Who Should Take the Course

Individuals who need to know the risks associated with software related failure modes. Reliability engineers, systems engineers, and software engineers will benefit from the course.

What the Student Will Learn

The student will learn that systems failures can result from faulty requirements, design, code, corrective actions, user instructions (or lack thereof), installation scripts, and vulnerabilities. The failure modes and root causes apply to both commercial and defense applications of any size.

Included Materials

Attendees will receive a copy of the publication “Effective Application of Software Failure Modes Effects Analysis.”

Required Materials


Presenter(s) Biography

Ann Marie Neufelder is the President of Mission Ready Software and the global leader in software reliability and software FMEA. She has more than 30 years of industry experience applying software reliability and FMEAs in both commercial and defense applications. Ann Marie is the chairperson of the IEEE 1633 Recommended Practices for Reliable Software working group. She has numerous publications on software reliability and software FMEA. Ann Marie is a 1983 graduate of Georgia Tech and resides in South Carolina with her family.


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