Reliability 101: Introduction to Reliability Engineering

Reliability 101 is Offered June 2024 in Virginia Beach!

Register today for hands-on reliability engineering training hosted June 11-13 at the SpringHill Suites Virginia Beach Oceanfront to introduce you or your employee(s) to reliability engineering. In Reliability 101: Introduction to Reliability Engineering, you will learn how to improve the reliability of your products and system, the need for reliability engineering and the benefits it can bring to your company, and much more.

Course Dates
Tuesday, June 11 through Thursday, June 13, 2024.

Course Location
SpringHill Suites Virginia Beach Oceanfront
901 Atlantic Avenue
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Training Cost
The cost per course is $2250. Register for Reliability 101 today for an early bird discount!

Quanterion’s introductory Reliability 101 training course has been presented world-wide for more than ten years. The standard 3-day course is presented as an open registration course at locations across the country throughout the year. Quanterion can present Reliability 101 on-site at a customer’s facility, with the option to tailor the material to focus on specific topics of interest to the organization. We can also present “Train the Trainers” sessions and develop/provide customized training materials.

Reliability 101: Introduction to Reliability Engineering Outline

Course Description

The course covers reliability program concepts, design and analysis methods, and test and evaluation approaches. The course is ideal for persons with newly assigned responsibilities in the reliability and maintainability area, as well as managers who want to increase their awareness of the payoffs of different approaches and techniques.

Who Should Take the Course

Individuals who need to know the basics of reliability engineering as they apply to developing and fielding better products and systems. Design engineers, reliability specialists, and product/program managers will benefit from the course.

What the Student Will Learn

The student will gain an appreciation of the importance of reliability to system and product success, whether it’s a military or a commercial application. They will understand the practices that are appropriate to apply for different development situations as well as the basics of implementing the practices cost effectively.

Included Materials

Attendees will receive a copy of the publication, “System Reliability Toolkit-V” and Quanterion Solution’s QuART ER software, a $474 value.

Required Materials

Attendees are requested to bring a scientific calculator to participate in class exercises.

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Presenter(s) Biography

Rich WisniewskiMr. Wisniewski is a Senior Reliability Engineer at Quanterion Solutions and has more than 30 years’ experience in applying reliability, maintainability and safety engineering design, analysis, testing and screening methods and failure analysis and field support techniques on a variety of commercial products and military equipment/systems. Programs include radar, microwave/RF sensor systems, flight controls, mission computers, fixed and rotary winged full authority digital engine controls, regenerative liquid propellant guns, lightweight howitzers, and commercial and military hybrid electric vehicle drive train components. At Quanterion, he leads efforts to support government and industry customers in designing reliability/quality into products and systems, solve product reliability problems and identify corrective actions using techniques such as electrical stress analyses, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, standard statistical analysis, and the collection, analysis and modeling of failure data.

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