Project Description

Under the former Reliability Information Analysis Center (RIAC) contract, Quanterion performed an effort to design, develop and populate an online database of Physics of Failure (PoF) models known as the Web Accessible Repository of Physics-based Models (WARP). Physics-based models are revered because of the fact that they model the life-limiting failure mechanisms of a part or system, accounting for the various operating conditions (e.g., temperature, voltage, load cycling, etc.) that either accelerate or decelerate failures. However, as these models are typically dispersed amongst a variety of technical reports, published journals, Master’s theses, and Ph.D. dissertations, it can be difficult to find a suitable model for one’s application. WARP is intended to alleviate some the difficulty associated with the search for relevant models by  providing an online collection of peer-reviewed models for both electronic and non-electronic component types. To learn more about the repository and search through the submitted models, visit the WARP Homepage.