Advanced Materials

Modeling and Simulation of Atmospheric Corrosion

Under this effort, Quanterion is developing an entirely new methodology to predict corrosion rates by considering the interaction of a metal surface with widely variable conditions including temperature, humidity, and pollutants including atmospheric chlorides, sulfides, and ozone.

Techniques to Evaluate Long-Term Aging of Systems (LAST)

Under this effort, a handbook was developed that focuses entirely on the effect that aging materials have upon the durability and reliability of structures and other mechanical components.  This effort specifically examined all major classes of materials and data was collected and synthesized that describe the impacts that time and environment have upon their performance.

Mechanical Analysis and Other Specialized Techniques to Enhance Reliability (MASTER) Publication

In this project, Quanterion authored a mechanical reliability handbook stressing the proper application of materials by identifying critical failure mechanisms and analyzing their impact through a variety of empirical and physics of failure models.  The net effect is a handbook that functions as a roadmap to guide both new engineers and experienced reliability professionals through the entire spectrum of analytical methodologies and supporting testing programs so that highly durable and reliable products are delivered to customers.

New Approach to Corrosion Design Study

In this effort, Quanterion conducted an assessment to determine whether any analytical methodologies developed and employed by the reliability engineering community could be employed to develop a new paradigm in corrosion prediction.  The assessment started by reviewing existing prediction methodologies and by evaluating potential ways to improve predictions by considering atmospheric severity.  The effort culminated at the annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium (RAMS), where a paper was presented and a panel discussion was sponsored and supported to discuss approaches for…  Read More