Quanterion also developed the legacy 217Plus™ Software tool during its operation of the Reliability Information Analysis Center (RIAC, now available through the RMQSI Knowledge Center) BCO. As such, we have developed resources to support the practitioner in using the software and the general 217 methodology. For users of the legacy RIAC 217Plus™ Software tool, Quanterion is the exclusive provider of the following:

  • 217Plus™ Application Notes – The Import function of the RIAC 217Plus™ software tool can be a tremendous time-saver to any user. Quanterion offers several (free) 217Plus™ Application Notes that provide step-by-step guidance for error-free Importing of Bills of Materials (BOMs) into the 217Plus™ Software. One of the Application Notes also addresses importing data into the 217Plus Component Library.
  • Importing Aid – The 217Plus_BOM_Tool-Rev2.xls developed by Quanterion is a low-cost, MS Excel®-based tool, designed specifically to allow a user to fully realize the benefits of importing BOMs into the 217Plus™ Software. Meant for use with the 217Plus™ Application Notes, this tool provides predefined 217Plus™ Part Categories and Part Type, and can accommodate ‘copying/pasting’ of data from an Excel-based BOM into the tool. The 217Plus_BOM_Tool-Rev2.xls tool provides data columns for all of the 217Plus™-supported component parameter fields that may be used in a ‘component stress’-based analysis. Finally, the tool provides a worksheet formatted specifically to assist in the importing of component data to the 217Plus™ Component Library.

NOTE: These resources were developed for the legacy RIAC 217Plus™ Software tool and do not include updates for Quanterion’s 217Plus™:2015 Handbook.