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Quanterion offers a variety of knowledge management services, consulting and training including continuous process improvement, knowledge management policy development, big data management and control, process automation, and course development.

Process Improvement and Enhancement Support Project

Knowledge Management (KM) and Information Management (IM) are conducted differently throughout the United States Marine Corps. Previously, there was no unifying theme regarding how KM/IM should integrate throughout the various levels of command. Policy had not kept pace with the IM/KM needs within the service. Another element of concern was that there has been little agreement on where IM and KM should sit within the organizational structure. Quanterion Solutions developed recommendations for each of these problem areas, as well as a strategy outlining which office should be responsible for command process development and implementation.

Another task within this project included providing analysis and recommendations for which command processes were candidates for automation. Quanterion Solutions developed a detailed plan through which additional warfighter processes would be implemented within a military headquarters. An analysis of the IM/KM integration options was also performed at various levels of command. Senior program management support was provided for a software development effort that included testing, security authorization and transition to program executive office.

Information Knowledge Management Analysis

A Marine Corps Expeditionary Force Headquarters required expertise to support the strategic planning and development of official Information Management (IM) and Knowledge Management (KM) doctrine and training. As organizational structure, technology and operational tasking change, strategic documentation, IM/KM training must also change. This requires updates to command processes, consisting of definition, measurement, analysis, improvement, control and the development of staff training materials.

Quanterion Solutions implemented and developed strategies in support of Battle Rhythm events, crisis response, and Combatant Commander (CCDR) initiatives to include electronic warfare, key leader engagement, messaging, and other technical capabilities. Quanterion Solutions refined standard operating procedures and reshaped the cells and centers and working groups, and schedule as part of the battle rhythm improvement portion of the effort.

Command and Control Technical Integration

Quanterion Solutions was tasked to develop multiple-domain Command and Control (C2) information flows within a Marine Corps unit. This research was accomplished under the direction, guidance, and funding of the unit’s information management office. The project involved the management and assimilation of a big data framework, private and commercial cloud technologies, as well as analysis in the development of a Running Estimate (RE) of the command and control environment.

Quanterion Solutions provided recommendations according to the following schedule:

  • Phase I (Near Term) – Characterized by process improvements and capability realignments. This phase examined existing capabilities and provided recommendations for how to employ them more efficiently. Quanterion Solutions recommended a methodical system analysis and migration toward the RE.
  • Phase II (Medium Term) – This was a transition period where a new RE is under development, C2 systems are beginning to be connected within a cloud computing environment and more elements of the RE are starting to come online.
  • Phase III (Over the Horizon) – Phase III was characterized by the maturation of supporting technologies when the organization’s data, information, and knowledge strategies had been communicated and installed within all levels of the organizational structure.  In most cases, these technologies are not expected to be available to the service in the near or medium terms, and may not even currently exist. However, Quanterion Solutions considered the exponential growth of past technology and believes that a combined academic/industry/government collaborative effort will likely produce the expected operational improvements.

Enhanced Check In/Check Out (ECICO)

Most military service members follow check-in and check-out processes utilizing a paper-based checklist. This often lacks clear instructions regarding how tasks need to be accomplished and the sequence in which they are to be performed. This failure to provide basic directions has resulted in confusion among service members and results in delays in completing the check-in and check-out processes. To address this issue, an administrative unit that retains responsibility for onboarding, leveraged the technical support of Quanterion Solutions for the development of a unit specific check-in/check-out mobile application.

The developed solution accounted for the various branches and sequels that vary dependent on rank, check-in or out locations, active/reserve status, etc.  The new process and application simplify the service members’ transition through automation and guided instruction, providing information on the process’ requirements, Points of Contact, standard forms, etc.

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Information Management Officer Qualification (IMOQ)

Training Information and Knowledge Management (I/KM) in a consistent way throughout the service has been difficult due to varying opinions regarding where and how I/KM personnel should support the command structure. Recent changes to the service proponent for I/KM within the Marine Corps prompted a major service headquarters to contact Quanterion Solutions to update, align, and transition I/KM training materials into a fully automated distance learning course. Alignment with service I/KM standards was essential to ensure a compliant and standardized course.

Quanterion Solutions developed an Intranet-based IMOQ course that replaced an existing resident classroom course that orients IM personnel who are new to the field of IM. The company developed all aspects of the new curriculum, conducted alpha and beta testing for the new online course, and coordinated with the Marine Corps College of Distance Education and Training to ensure the final version of the course was uploaded to the service’s Learning Management System (LMS).

The new IMOQ course was the first of its kind in the field of Marine Corps IM and is now offered to the entire Marine Corps.  This training was developed in accordance with the Navy/Marine Corps Training and Readiness manual.  Successful completion of this course is an essential requirement for the conference of the 8055 IM Military Occupational Specialty for Marines.

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