Quanterion’s range of technical expertise is very much aligned with a number of the relevant technical challenges facing the development and commercialization of renewable, yet economically sustainable, petroleum alternatives. From the cost and feasibility of large-scale production, to the materials compatibility, protection and cybersecurity of energy storage and transmission, Quanterion’s cadre of SMEs has the necessary experience and expertise to assess and evaluate any and all energy alternatives.

Quanterion’s investigations evaluate the alternative approaches to meeting current energy demands that are environmentally friendly, or “green,” while at the same time identifying the secondary effects that result from their use. The advantages of a reduced environmental impact are certainly important, but one must also consider the subsequent cost, performance and reliability of replacement technologies, as the designs of many of the candidate systems are often unproven. Ultimately, these are the deciding factors when it comes to our nation’s energy security.

Such concerns ultimately determine the state of the nation’s energy security.

Example Projects

GREEN: The Impact of “Green” Technology on System Reliability

Quanterion conducted a multi-year study of alternative energies under a task on its day-to-day operation of the Reliability Information Analysis Center (RIAC) Basic Center of Operations (BCO). This project focused on the reliability implications of “going green” because in order to be an effective alternative…  Read More