REPERTOIRE is Quanterion’s set of five on-line interactive reliability engineering training courses developed around the American Society for Quality (ASQ) body of knowledge for the Certified Reliability Engineer’s (CRE) exam. Whether you are preparing for the CRE exam or just need basic training in reliability, you’ll like the convenience of training on your own schedule, at your own pace. Periodic quizzes are included so students can assess their progress and review the areas where they need improvement.

Purchase of the entire set of 5 courses includes a copy of our QuART PRO software set of reliability tools (a $189 value).

  • The complete set of courses contains approximately thirty three hours of narrated training, hundreds of quiz questions, and interactive exercises. The complete set represents an equivalent of 3.3 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). The courses are:
    • Reliability Management
    • Probability and Statistics for Reliability
    • Reliability in Design and Development
    • Reliability Modeling and Prediction
    • Reliability Testing
  • Each individual course, available for $99 , contains approximately six hours of narrated training content that is divided into modules which typically take about one hour to complete.
  • Following each module is a reinforcement quiz of ten to twenty questions that are graded.


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REPERTOIRE is also available on DVD for offline access. Click here for more information about the DVD version of REPERTOIRE.

(PLEASE NOTE: The REPERTOIRE DVD does not contain the online quizzes that are included in the REPERTOIRE web-based training.)


Individual Purchases:

Complete Set:



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