Cybersecurity, the DoD’s accepted term to describe efforts to secure the US cyberspace, has become increasingly important with the growing interconnectivity of modern systems, and the subsequent vulnerability to the loss of confidentiality, integrity and/or availability from the incessant attempts to penetrate the networks on which these systems reside. Quanterion supports the DoD’s cybersecurity activities at the architecture level, developing and documenting system implementations underlying modern DoD information networks, emphasizing software engineering approaches that integrate security and enforcement with the availability and effective use of military information. At the engineering level, Quanterion directly supports the generation and integration of software and algorithms that efficiently trade off identity/trust with assured delivery of critical mission information.

Quanterion also supports the mission assurance aspect within the cyber environment, helping to prioritize mission essential functions, mapping mission dependence on cyberspace, identifying cyber-related vulnerabilities, and mitigating risk of these vulnerabilities. The involved technologies relate to the availability, survivability, vulnerability, authenticity, and continuity of information systems; system modeling; documentation of existing IT tactical operational requirements and mission needs statements; trade-off analyses between COTS IA systems, performance, and potential vulnerabilities.

Example Projects

Handbook of Software Reliability & Security Testing

Quanterion developed and published the “Handbook of Software Reliability and Security Testing”, a comprehensive manual developed for the DoD’s Cyber Security and Information Systems Information Analysis Center (CSIAC).
The increasing complexity of modern systems, and systems-of-systems,…  Read More

Cyber Security Metrics Workshop

Quanterion hosted a Cyber Security Metrics Workshop as part of its operation of the Cyber Security and Information Systems IAC (CSIAC). The one-day workshop reviewed current trends in policy, tools and techniques of interest to…  Read More


The Software Model Repository, an online database of software models, was initially developed by Quanterion during the operation of the DoD’s Data and Analysis Center for Software (DACS) and was transitioned to the Cyber Security…  Read More

Embedded Phoenix Code Base

Under this effort, Quanterion is providing AFRL expertise in applying the Phoenix architecture concepts and base code, currently a mix of Java and C++, to the Cognitive Processor (CogChip) in a careful and fully-documented way,…  Read More