Quanterion has operated the Homeland Defense and Security IAC (HDIAC), the DoD’s knowledge source for Scientific and Technical Information (STI) in the fields of Homeland Defense & Security, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Weapons of Mass Destruction, CBRN Defense, Biometrics, Medical, Cultural Studies, & Alternative Energy.

The company has been committed to providing users with focused expert technical consulting and unbiased scientific and technical information through in-depth analysis and the creation of specialized information products in support of the HDIAC’s eight defined vital technical focus areas.

Our vision has been to build the HDIAC into a government- and industry-recognized DoD center of excellence, serving as the “first stop” for data/information on Homeland Defense and Security issues and positioning the Center as the hub for collection, analysis, and dissemination of homeland defense-related scientific and technical data.

Quanterion’s Center has been recognized as an essential resource to affordably deliver technical data and analysis in support of current operations and support a sustained Better Buying Power Initiative. Such information is delivered in a variety of formats, including the HDIAC Journal, state-of-the-art reports (SOARs), HDIAC-sponsored workshops, webinar presentations, the bi-weekly HD Digest and the Center’s community of practice (CoP) website. Learn more about the HDIAC.