Quanterion operates the Cyber Security and Information Systems IAC (CSIAC), the DoD’s knowledge source for Scientific and Technical Information (STI) in the fields of cybersecurity, software intensive systems engineering, modeling & simulation, and knowledge management/information sharing. With today’s growing dependence on software intensive systems, the role of cybersecurity has become increasingly important, especially in the homeland defense arena through the protection of citizens’ personal information, medical and financial data, and the nation’s critical infrastructure. The Center continues to identify new and emerging vulnerabilities as well as the different practices and techniques that can effectively mitigate such threats. Such information is delivered in a variety of formats, including the CSIAC Journal, state-of-the-art reports (SOARs), CSIAC-sponsored workshops, webinar presentations, the bi-weekly CS Digest and the Center’s community of practice (CoP) website. Learn more about the CSIAC.